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About Sister Joy Cherian

In His Presence Every day

“My God” is the heart of my story—how the Lord saved, chose, and blessed me for ministry. Despite my early inclination towards atheism, the Lord turned me around with love. His guidance, anointing, and care for souls have been my companions. I share my story to encourage others, especially women, to shine for the Lord. For those lost, I hope they find their way through repentance and the beauty of salvation.

Rev. Dr. Joy Cherian

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Embrace divine love, find purpose in faith. Join us at UPF to nurture your spirit, build connections, and explore God’s transformative grace.

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We’re excited to share that our uplifting sermons are now airing on these 3 TV channels, bringing spiritual teachings to your screens! Join us by tuning to these below Channels for thought-provoking messages that inspire, encourage, and uplift.

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A Spiritual Odyssey

In times of joy and challenges, our faith community is here to support and uplift one another through the power of prayer. We invite you to share your prayer requests with us, so we can join together in lifting up your concerns, hopes, and dreams.