Title of God

Title of God 1 – 100

Consuming Fire - Heb 12 : 29

I asked God as to which should be the first Title we should start our meditation series with.The first title of the God who has helped me so much in my life is
God, the Consuming Fire!

(KJV) Heb 12:28 Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:

(KJV) Heb 12:29 For our God is a Consuming Fire.

This title is my favourite, it means a lot to me for I have felt his presence of the Consuming Fire in my life which burnt away all my troubles.

When God appeared to Moses, he appeared in the form of a burning bush. When God spoke, the bush was raging with fire but didn’t burn down. To prepare a great leader in Moses, God appeared to him as a Consuming Fire. Fire that can consume and destroy as well as reveal his power to the ones who believe in him.

We know the characteristics of Fire – Fire can destroy any kind of waste, and Fire spreads. Ornaments as well as weapons are made by fire. Fire purifies.

When saints pray, they ask to be filled by his fire. Anything which is disliked by God – any sin which dwells in their heart and mind will be consumed by this Consuming Fire of the Holy Spirit! The Consuming Fire cleanses their thoughts, their hearts and their souls. Fire always purifies.

Dear readers, today I remind you that if there is any sin, any wicked doing in you and if you are confused and unable to conquer it, you should pray by this name!

God, you are a Consuming Fire!

If you have a mountain of debts, know that the Consuming Fire shall do away with your troubles and with all your debts and his name is sufficient for you.

If you are entangled in problems and there are very cruel situations you have to face, then you should plead God by his name – the Consuming Fire.

The Bible says that God’s servants are like flames of fire!

When I asked God why he has compared his servants with fire? God revealed many mysteries to me – For God is a Consuming Fire, his servants need pure dedication and annointing.

When they set foot in houses and pray by this name, the forces of evil shall burn and turn to ashes!

How many of you would like to be flames of fire?

Everyone wants to become one, but is it possible for everyone to become flames of fire? Yes, for God is impartial! He shall bless anyone who asks for this fortune. Praise the Lord!

His great name can consume any weakness when you pray. God, fill me with your Holy Spirit. Fill me with your Holy Fire.

Some pray “God use me in your ministry” but when they face fire-like problems, they immediately leave God’s work and flee.

If God wants to do anything great, he will definitely make you face great problems that are like fire. We are not afraid of problems for today we meditate the names of God.

When we face fire in our lives, if we continue to live by God’s words and pray, we turn pure – just as fire purifies gold. We are made to become pure as the purest of gold!

We need to ask God to cleanse us with his Consuming Fire and make us his instruments.

You should ask for such a fiery Holy Spirit, you should be a flame of fire for God. When you adorn the name of God, when you are a flame of fire in your family, no force of evil shall touch your family!

No pain, disease or destruction shall come to your family for you are a fire and all attempts of the enemy shall burn to ashes. Amen

(GNB) Good News Bible; (ISV) International Standard Version; (KJV) King James Version

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